Friday, April 11, 2008

Gossip Does Not Help With Levitating but Cannibalism makes me Hungry

I keep wondering if I could be offending Oral B guy. I wrote all over the internet (ie, blog) about his behavior with the ladies of Psych 312. Was this really necessary?

So...I want to say right now that what I comment on in my blog is for entertainment purposes only. I always write about what I know and what I observe. I merely tell it like I see it. With this guy, however, I feel as though I need to publicly acknowledge that I have shared a tad too many opinions about his character. Perhaps I ought to be looking at my own character instead? Hmm. Perhaps.

Other than that, life is absolutely fantastic. Today was Bizarre Behavior class. I am so fascinated by everything we learn in there. Yes, I do believe that Fridays are destined to be interesting blog days. We learned about cannibalism this morning, as Chemistry club put on a free BBQ.

**DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is extremely graphic in nature. Although used for entertainment purposes, it is not recommended that anyone with a weak stomach read this, esp before a meal. OK, you have been properly warned.

We heard of a man named Armin Meiwes from Germany, who found a masochist named Bernd-Juergen Brande from the internet. Bernd was willing to offer his penis to be sauteed with garlic and eaten as a dinner for two. Bernd could not join Armin for this interesting meal, as he was too woozy from blood loss and too loaded on alcohol and pain killers. Two hours later, Armin slit his throat, hung him on meat hooks, cut off some chunks and BBQ'd the meat. Yum. (I am totally kidding).

Upon hearing this case study, my classmate leaned into me and said, "That's some one night stand!" (thanks Elissa). Sounds of me stifling laughter while talking about horrific acts of violence and grossness followed. Dr. Volkan even joined the fun and said he wouldn't comment on Germans not knowing how to prepare sausage. OMG I was rolling. You gotta laugh, you know, or this stuff could really get under your skin. Sorta leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it? Ha ha. I had to get another one in there.

Well, that ought to be enough bizarre behavior for one evening. That's just a taste of what we hear in class. If you want the entree, you will just have to sign up for it yourself. Bon Apetit!

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